Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Needs You!

ECEAP is committed to having parents participate in policy-making decisions about the program. You are your child’s first and most important teacher and are therefore our biggest resource of information. By attending PAC meetings and/or stepping up as our school’s PAC representative, parents can advocate for the best interest of their child(ren) and family while gaining leadership skills.

  • Attend Parent Council Trainings
  • Make suggestions for program improvements
  • Review and vote on budget requests
  • Review and vote on policy changes
  • Service Delivery Plans
  • Self-Assessment and Program Review
  • Help recruit new ECEAP families
  • Represent parents of our site
  • Plan, coordinate and organize program wide activities
  • And more based on the needs of the center, families, and plans of the County.

  • Parents or guardians of children currently enrolled in Josie’s ECEAP.
  • Community members approved by parents/guardians of children enrolled in Josie’s ECEAP. For example, grandparents or other adults who may play a large role in caring for the child.

Each ECEAP site selects one PAC representative who will attend a county-wide Parent Policy Council (PPC) meeting with other PAC representatives from ECEAP sites across Snohomish County. These representatives will meet with members of Snohomish County and DCYF where they will learn about topics relating to kindergarten readiness, program plans that need your input, ideas to use to play with your child and support their learning, and many other topics. Representatives will also be given a chance to share what is going on at their ECEAP site, such as fun events, what is going well and what could use some changes. PAC representatives then report back to their own site at the next PAC meeting to share what they have learned and updated families on what is happening with ECEAP on a larger scale.

It is NOT required that PAC representatives speak in front of a large group of people at the PPC meetings. An opportunity will be given to whomever chooses to take it, but it is not required. The only requirement of a PAC rep is to attend the site PAC meetings, attend the PPC meetings, and then report back to your fellow PAC members on what you learned.

To learn more about being a part of the PAC and/or becoming our site’s PAC representative, please speak with Maya or email her at