Find Support for the Whole Family

At Josie’s ECEAP, we are fortunate to have the best Family Support Specialist (FSS) – Maya! As our FSS, it is Maya’s role to support the most important element of your child’s school success – YOU!

By the time school starts, you and Maya should be like old friends. Once enrolled, our FSS will conduct regular check-ins with families during drop-off/pickup, by email, phone call, etc. These check-ins may be to see if you need help in any areas, to follow up with you on any topics you may have previously talked about, or to schedule/conduct home visits. Please do not wait for Maya to do these check-ins if you need something, you are always welcome to reach out at any time.

3 times a year, you and Maya will schedule what is called a “home visit.” These visits are casual meetings in your home, by phone, zoom meeting, or at Josie’s, that give Maya a chance to check in with and learn more about your family. During these visits, Maya will help families set goals for the year, come up with obtainable steps to reach these goals, and provide support and resources that you may need. Goals can be any size and any topic. Some families may want to start small and prioritize what goes on in the home; maybe you’re wanting to eat dinners together as a family more often or read together more. Other families may have bigger goals on their mind and want to work towards owning a new home, completing high school diplomas, finding a new job – whatever is important to YOU!

The FSS role is to offer you all the resources, referrals, and support you need to accomplish your goals, as well as provide you with whatever tools you need to continue to teach your child long after they leave the ECEAP program.

Family Support provides services to families by focusing on parent and family strengths, building relationships based on mutual respect and equality, acknowledging parents as resources to themselves and others, and always respecting family beliefs, culture, language, and child rearing practices.

Your Family Support Specialist will:

  • Help you learn how to get the most out of our ECEAP program
  • Assist you to maintain current well-child and dental exams for your child
  • Provide ongoing support in child and family health education
  • Help you connect with community resources, including medical, dental, and mental health services
  • Follow up with you about your child’s attendance
  • Provide social emotional Support
  • Guide you through your child’s transition to kindergarten

Throughout the year, FSS staff will select and provide family engagement opportunities based on what families enrolled at our site are interested in or need help with. Events will be planned based on the information collected through the Family Involvement Survey. Some of these topics could include:

  • Child development
  • Parenting
  • Mental health care
  • Community Resources
  • Job Skills/Training
  • Financial Management
  • Childcare
  • Clothing
  • Energy Assistance
  • Food
  • Health/dental care
  • Housing
  • Legal service